I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and although the combat is a little weird, all together this game is pretty cool.

A lot of my friends kept telling me that it’s stupid because it’s pretty much like playing the first Kingdom Hearts again. They’re extremely wrong. This game has a lot of plot points that wouldn’t have ever been revealed had it not been for this game. You learn a lot about Organization XIII and Castle Oblivion. You even get to play as Riku after you finish Sora’s story. I like this game and believe it to be a very important part to the Kingdom Hearts story line and franchise.

So far I’ll give it 7 out of 10, but only because I’m not a fan of the card based battle system. I would prefer the running and hacking your way through with a keyblade approach that was used in the previous installments and the games after as well. Now, with that being said, keep in mind that I haven’t completed the game yet. It may get better as I continue and get better cards.

While we’re on the subject, I’m totally stuck on the battle with Larxene. It probably has a great deal to do with the fact that I am terrible with managing decks and card battle, but either way.

I go for more of a beat-down deck, which should have been hinted by my “Hacking with a keyblade” comment earlier. Using a lot of higher number attack cards, a few summons and cure cards in the mix I just can’t seem to beat her. I haven’t used a sleight since the beginning of the game with Leon where I had to and I don’t like using them in general. I don’t like the combat system and I still love the game. This should tell you something about Kingdom Hearts.

If any of you guys have tips or ideas for a good beat-down deck or even a few cool tops for a different type of deck; I’m all ears..well, eyes. You get it.


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    Going off of memory here. Train to get better cards (and CP to buy more cards), preferably 7-9. Start using sleights,...
  2. holy-hydras answered: Well, continue with the attack cards and discard all summons. Equip two cure cards and two ether or elixir. Good luck ヾ(´・ω・`)
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